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people, Purpose & Profit


The powerful progress of change becomes dynamic when we think big, act bold & with perspective.

Authenticity, Equity & Empathy

Seattle based



2020 Census+


Some of the people we have worked with

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 The Rundown 

Change is Inevitable

Urban Skyline

Organizational Change

In a constant state of flux organizations must respond. Change affects your most important asset, your people. 

Image by Alex Alvarez

Our process is about  collaborating to normalize & maximize systems that create equity within your organization. 

Clothing Store

Grow your presence, create genuine connections, marketing & more. 

View of Meditation Garden

We all seek to grow, achieve more & need unbiased confidential accountability.  

Data Cloud

We help you gather, analyze & present your data to the public and to organizations.

 Equitable Futures 

        Grow More Capacity

Organizations that commit to building equitable futures profit more. We collaborate with organizations to prioritize and establish the shifts leaders need to make to create change.

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 Who We Are

                                   & What We Believe


The West

    Ambitious change can define your future. We value innovative thought, using the data & growing your people. Authenticity, Equity & Empathy build a foundation to maximize technical and analytical skill.


    We help your organization build organizational environments that are equitable and inclusionary, resulting in business and social benefits.

Good Work

 Work that benefits the whole 


the west 

How the

was won

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